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LOGENEX has been developing a high competence in out-licensing and supplying its pharmaceutical products to generic companies in Europe and beyond

Our licensing partners benefit from:

  • Available registration dossiers in CTD-format
  • Access to EU-Marketing Authorizations
  • Experienced regulatory support 
  • High product quality and safety 
  • Customized business models 
  • Reliable and cost-effective supply chains

Global Reach 

LOGENEX Pharm collaborates succesfully with licensing partners in various international markets. Today, our generics are approved and sold in more than 25 countries across Europe, Middle East/North Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Regulatory Support

Approval and maintenance of the Marketing Authorisation are essential keystones of successful pharma business. As part of our licensing service, our experienced team provides regulatory assistance during the entire drug lifecycle: from the preparation of the submission, to the registration process until post-approval changes and renewal.

Smart Supply

Fulfilling the product requirements of our licensing partners and ensuring short leadtimes are our primary goals. LOGENEX Pharm therefore works on efficient supply chains and a foresighted procurement management. Thanks to our flexibility, we are able to meet small market demands.

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